Aug 30 2015
We have 14 Days Left Until The Reunion. We have a few new members that have joined my personal group here so Welcome.

My name is Eric Nyenhuis and I am the War Chief of the Coney Island Festival and I can’t be more excited and exhausted at the same time about this colossal event. I have three rules if you are coming to anyone of my events. 1. Treat Everyone the way you want to be treated. (We have zero tolerance for Drams) 2. BUY YOUR TICKET TODAY. This is the last week for online sales. 3. SHARE EVERYTHING.

So much to report. There are 7 War Chief Tickets Left. I was holding for people that are not able to attend. You Get in the door/Warriors Vest/Tshirt/Poster & Fast Tracked/Early Admission.

More Cast Members Added. The Lizzies-The Punks-Furies and of coarse our beloved Warriors are coming and Autographs are going to be available from all the cast members.

Press Credentials are still available. Please send copies of your credentials to
(The Press conference is being held the 13th at 930am at the Unknown Bikers Clubhouse in Coney Island 9:15 sharp check in for press coverage.)
Official Coney Island Warriors Reunion T-shirts are going to be available at the event. Im trying to get more Vests..It Doesn’t looks good but I’m trying.
We have people coming from EVERYWHERE. The U.K-Germany-Chile-Sweden. We also have Rolling Stone Magazine-The Village Voice and CNN coming to cover the event.

You can Still Get Tickets at Surf & Stillwell in Coney Island (The Store) and get tickets ONLINE at or go to the TICKET PAGE.

All Autograph Signing Starts at 10:00am-4:00pm & 5:00p.m-7:00pm
3:00 Cosplay Contest (Judges Terry Michos-Lisa Maurer-Konrad Sheehan)
4:00-5:00pm Photo Opt
7:00 pm Gotham Mashers
730-8:15 Sick Of It All
815- Special Showing from Director Walter Hill.
8:30-9:45 Film
9:45pm Q&A Hosted by John Joseph
11:00p,m Saying Good Bye to Coney…..
Please Share…Thats the only reason this event is going to be great.

August 24 2015
We have Three Weeks until the festival. Since you are the ELITE that was smart enough to get your tickets first. I salute you.

We are opening the doors at 10:00am for all G/A ticket holders. Autograph signing starts at 10:00 with the entire cast.

If you have a Warchief Ticket. You will be allowed entry first so get there early as WarChief Ticket Holders gain entry at 9:45am. If You ordered a Vest for pick up it will be at the War Chief Check in. Please have an ID and receipt ready.

Hard Ticket and Printed Tickets. Please have your ticket in hand or print out in hand as you will be checked in at 10:00am sharp.

Online tickets are still available and going fast. We are expecting a large group of people buying tickets the day of. They will be checked in last.

No Weapons: If You plan on bringing any weapons there are metal detectors and female under cover officers everywhere. Along with security. We reserve the right to search anyone coming into the venue and deny entry to anyone we feel is or could be a disturbance.

This is going to be a historic event. We are all coming together to honor the Warriors and we want you all to meet the cast and have a great time…Can You Dig It !!!!!

Eric Nyenhuis/War Chief
The Warriors Group LLC

August 23rd 2015
Warriors: THREE WEEKS AWAY. Tickets are FLYING and I have to say Thank You to everyone of the cast that has been working really hard at making this Festival memorable.

Chaz Mendez and Jery Hewitt (Furies) have been creating Video and going through Jery’s photo archive for Limited Edition (personal photos) never seen before for sale at the Furies tables. Chazz is creating us a promo video which we are showing this week on all the Warriors Websights and Facebook groups.

This Wednesday. Konrad Sheehan (Punk) and I (With a Film Crew) are Interviewing the great Walter Hill exclusive for the fans at the festival. We are still aggressively trying to get James Remar as his schedule is hectic at best but we are trying.
Tickets are still on sale at

August 10 2015
The Warriors hit The Village Voice with 50.000 shares in three days.
Screen Shot 2015-08-08 at 8.29.45 AM

August 7 2015
Its On and were going….You want to make sure if your coming all the way down to Coney Island on September 13th your getting in. BUY A TICKET TODAY.

We have so much going on the day of and your not going to want to miss a beat.
We Have SEVEN WARRIORS & 5 FURIES COMING. The Leader of the PUNKS (On Skates) & a Special Candy Store Clerk.

We have SICK OF IT ALL performing w/Gotham City Mashers hosted by John (CRO-MAGS) JOSEPH.Its a Festival.

This is the FIRST & LAST Warriors Festival in Coney Island.
The Doors Open at 10am.
10:00am/ Autographs
3:00 Cosplay Contest
4:00pm Photo Opt
4:30-7:00pm Autographs
Very Special Presentation by Eric Danger/John Joseph/Gareth Jones.
7:00 pm Gotham Mashers
730-8:15 SOIA
8:30-9:45 Film
9:45pm Q&A Hosted by John Joseph
11:00p,m Saying Good Bye to Coney…..

TICKETS ON SALE NOW. $20.00 ONLINE. $25-$40 at the door.






August 4 2015

July 31 2015
ALRIGHT BOPPERS: NEWS-NEWS-NEWS. PLEASE READ THE ENTIRE POST…I busted one of our group NOT reading the entire post as they are important.

1. I DON’T KNOW THE PRICE OF AUTOGRAPHS. Every one of the cast that are coming are different.
2. We were very saddened by Deborah Van Valkenburgh not coming to the event on Spet 13 2015. But we are actors first and the acting comes first.

3. There are only 3 War Chief Tickets Left.

4. Vests YOU HAVE 6 Days to order your vests.
SMALL-MEDIUM-LARGE-XLARGE are $125 w/Free Shipping
XXL-XXXL-XXXXL-XXXXXL are $140 w/Free Shipping

5. SHARE THE NEWS. Your in my group your coming to my event SHARE SHARE SHARE…(Thanks)

6. Tickets are available at the door and they are $5.00 more (Day Of).
Ticket Link

We now have 6 out of 7 Furies and TWO HUGE Magazines are coming to cover this event DONT MISS IT. Get Your Tickets TODAY.
Furies Group Shot

July 28 2015
The Punks are coming. Join Konrad Sheehan & Eddie Hatch…as The Punks are coming to the Coney Island Reunion…Can You Dig It !!!!

July 21 2015
Jery Hewitt Brings The Furies To The Warriors Fest

July 20 2015

Warriors Fest Is Coming….After 10 years The Warriors are coming back to Coney Island September 13 2015 for ONE DAY ONLY as part of the Last Subway Ride Reunion Tour….Please Keep Checking Back For Ticket Info.